Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Cookie Exchange Invitation and Labels

Do you love baking cookies? How about a Christmas cookie exchange for your family and friends? First, you'll need a sweet Invitation and Etiquette announcement for your guests. This tells you how many cookies to bring, etc. Then these festive labels will make your treats something special.
All these items shown are from MyLittleEden gift shop on You'll find plenty more designs to choose from at MyLittleEden.
Happy Holidays!

Cute Owl Ornaments

This wide-eyed owl is so cute. The design is from AWhimsicalWorld at You'll find this cutie on other gift items. Happy Holidays!
Perfect for baby's first Christmas.

Black Cat Looking at theBirds in the Sky

Unique and fun for cat lovers of any age. Just watching the birds soar by! Any thoughts! This cute design is from   NekoCreations at This is available on many more gift items. Enjoy.

Cute Panda Bear for Birthdays and Christmas

Here's an adorable Panda Bear just waiting to bring some love to someone special. The design is available on several gift items by SololikCardShop at Kids will love the bright red Panda watch for Christmas. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cute Big Eyed Fox Eating a Cookie

Well this little Fox nibbling on a cookie is just too cute! This delightful critter is from designer  NekoCreations  at
This snuggly scarf is fun to keep for yourself or give as a whimsical Christmas gift. The cute Fox and Cookie is available on several other items.
Now here is the matching wrapping paper - Cute Big Eyed Fox Wearing a Santa hat.
Add the card and you're set for bringing a big smile to someone special! You can also send this postcard to brighten someone's day.
Happy Holidays!

Quote - I Went Outside Once . . .

Amusing slogan for someone who has everything!
This is a popular quote that is available on several items from  Neko Creations  on
Happy Holidays!

Hummingbird designs from Pencilplus on

There is still time to choose one of these unique hummingbird items for someone special on your Christmas list. Here's a selection of a pretty sparkling Hummingbird design on a multi colored background. You will find several more items with this unique design offered by Pencilplus on Enjoy.

Happy Holidays!