Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Nouveau - Precious Stones by Mucha - Sold

Alphonse Mucha renowned Art Nouveau Artist:

The following two designs are from from his series "The Precious Stones" 1900. The series included four designs: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby and Topaz. I have included the birth months that are represented by these gemstones. Amethyst - February; Emerald - May; Ruby - July; and Topaz - November. I have added a background in rich tones to compliment the art work. Perfect for someone special. Enjoy.

The Speckcase and the greeting card show below were recently sold at my Zazzle shop - MagnoliaVintage Cards and Gifts. Actually, the "Emerald" card has been purchased by two different customers in the UK. The "Ruby" Speckcase is on it's was to someone in the US. 

I have always found Mucha's designs to be simply beautiful. Rich colors and attention to the details of the women he portrays. Mucha often used the circle or wreath as a background feature.

Many thanks to my customers.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cute Little Owls from PencilPlus at Zazzle

How adorable - this cute little owl is perfect for the little ones. Lots more to see at Pencil Plus at Zazzle.

Hoot OWL T-shirts
Dr. OWL Magnets

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Valentine Cards from Zazzle

Here is a selection of fourteen Valentine's Day greeting cards from Magnolia Vintage Cards and Gifts at Zazzle. It includes cute, pretty, romantic, roses, art nouveau and vintage. Just take your pick. Then just scroll down a little to see some of the matching postage stamps. Enjoy. 

Retro Cute Kitten in a Heart Box 2 Greeting Cards
Valentine Pink Red Roses Key to my Heart Greeting Card
Romance Rose Petal Valentine Heart with Key Card
Vintage Valentine's Tree Card
Vintage Valentine ~ Will You Be Mine? Card
Vintage Valentine ~ Cute Girl Mailing Her Valentin Greeting Card
Vintage Valentine ~ Two Cupids Sending Their Love Greeting Card
Retro Valentine ~Twins in Gingham Card
Vintage Valentine ~ Costume Party Card
Valentine Red Roses Heart and Cupid Cards
Vintage Valentine ~ Girl Mailing Her Valentine Cards
Valentine Cute Brown Teddy Bear Red Hearts Card
Vintage Valentine Schmucker Girl Gold Butterfly Greeting Card
Vintage Valentine Red Schmucker carry your heart Cards

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Red Rose Design from SKH Designs on Zazzle

These pretty red rose designs from SKH Designs would make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Her store features her art and photography.

Red Rose Ornament
Red Rose Ornament by SKHDesigns

To visit SKH Designs just click on the link under the items.

Pretty or Cute Vintage Valentine's Postage

I have a collection of vintage Valentine's cards that make perfect Valentine's postage. I've also included some of my original designs. Add a special touch to all your Valentine's mail. Maybe someone will be inspired to start a new stamp collection!

There are kittens, bears and cupids. Pretty women, hearts and flowers to choose from. Enjoy.

Retro Valentine Kitten Postage
Valentine Pink Roses Red Heart and Cupid Postage
Valentine Red Hearts and Cute Brown Bear Postage
Irish Valentine Pink Heart Green Shamrocks Postage
Valentine Red Roses Cupid Key to My Heart Postage
Valentine Art Schmucker Auburn Girl Postage
Vintage Valentine ~ For You Sweetheart Postage
Heart Red and White Roses Postage
Little Angels Postage
Vintage Valentine Forget-me-not flowers Postage Stamps
St. Valentine's Greeting Postage

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